Kick Butt Blues Home

Kick Butt Blues occurs (almost) Every Friday from 9:00pm-1:00am @ Kick Butt Coffee. KBC is located at 5775 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78752 [map]. Admission is $5.

To Do List

This is just random stuff that I'm working on for the KBB website. If you have any suggestions, just send me an email or message me through Facebook.

- Clint


  • Add email form
  • Additional photos
  • Clean up code
  • Create better privacy popup
  • Edit text for "About Us"
  • Edit text for "Blues Dancing"
  • Edit text for "Boring Corporate Stuff"
  • Edit text for "KBB leftnav text"
  • Note about privacy for KBB list
  • Move KBB list subscribe to top
  • Remove Date
  • Center the page
  • Have the height adjust automatically
  • Fix MSIE Logo issue
  • Add more links to links page?
  • Add block for tee-shirts?
  • Make sidenav more visible
  • Adjust the calendar background (the Google Blue)
  • Darken Background


  • Change to "Edit by Page"
  • Auto-Delete
  • Make Active/Inactive Active