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Austin, TX 78752
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"The Reverend Shady Glenn" - Colin Wise

Colin has been a DJ in the Austin dance scene since 2000. In his spare time, he preaches about blues, gospel, and soul music - especially local bands - to both the converted and the heathen.

Rachel "DJ BluRay" Jordan

Rachel was introduced to blues music shortly after her birth in Austin, Texas. In 2007 (less than half of your age plus seven years later) she became addicted to dancing swing and blues. She soon became a regular on the DJ rotation in Austin and an original house DJ for Kick Butt Blues. She has spun blues at events all over the East, West, and Middle Coasts, spreading a passion for groovy blues, soul and R&B music that makes you want to get up and DANCE!

Stephen "DJ Boom Boom" Jackson

From 1998 to 2007 Stephen experienced the swing world vicariously through his sister Jojo. When he suddenly realized that he enjoyedLindy on his own, he gained a hobby. When invited to his first blueshouse party, he gained a passion. Since becoming an addict he has both danced and DJed at venues, houses, parks, gas stations, bus stops, andcrowded freeways across America.

Shane Chambers

If I had to live my life over, I'd live over a saloon. — W. C. Fields
Shane has been hanging out in seedy little juke joints back east, listening for the the best dance music he can find. And find it he has. Most of it ends up on the internet radio station he spun up a few years back, Big Blue What happens to the rest of it, or maybe we should say the best of it? Well, that gets served up to all the swing, and blues floors he comes across. He specializes in both modern swing bands (NOT neo-swing!), and the dirty, sultry blues that make you want to grab a partner and mmmhmmm dance.

Reed Penney

Reed started blues dancing in October 2007 and hasn't looked back since. After being in denial for many years Reed finally caught the DJ bug in 2011, and made his debut at Kick Butt Blues in January 2012. In addition, Reed also DJs for the Austin Swing Syndicate, Four on the Floor, and has DJed for the Austin Lindy Exchange (2011), the Colorado Swing Dance Club (Denver), Swing in the Springs (Colorado Springs), as well as various house parties.